TOP-O – universal skin solution for all !


O22 Health and Beauty, Inc. aims to deliver safe and affordable skincare products for all ages, from infants to the Grandmas and Grandpas at home. We  offer an all-in-one spray treatment to skin problems such as acne, pimple eczema, dermatitis, skin rash etc. No overdose, no contraindications, no special precaution unlike the prescription creams and ointments. Our skin needs the best care possible because it is the largest organ of our body. We help you to achieve a clear and blemish-free skin even in the comforts of your home.

TOP-O is a water-based preparation intended for caring and maintaining good and healthy skin condition. It is composed mainly of dissolved oxygen in water in a light aluminum NON-pressurized spray canister. Since TOP-O is rich in oxygen, TOP-O is best for pimple-prone skin because oxygen acts on the acne-causing bacteria by penetrating the skin and stopping it.

Brian giving his testimony
on the product

TOP-O is also a good skin moisturizer and conditioner that prevent skin dryness and itching. TOP-O is safe for all ages – from a simple diaper rash in babies to skin redness and allergic reactions in adults. TOP-O is also used for mosquito bites and aids greatly in reducing redness and itching.

The ingredients of TOP-O: merely water, dissolved oxygen, and sea salt. Aside from the safe contents of TOP-O, it is stored in a NON-pressurized 80mL aluminum canister which is so convenient to bring. As for the price, TOP-O is not that pricey compared to the imported brands from France and it can last longer than one month, very economical and very effective to the skin.


O22  Health and Beauty, Inc. is a closed family corporation that was formed for the primary purpose of manufacturing, packaging, and distributing oxygen-based products. It was created in May 2014 with incorporators Victor Cu, Gonnie Cu, Gemma Cu-Ty, Gyllea Cu, and Lyon Cu- all members of the family and all interested to surprise the world how simple it is to be healthy and beautiful. Having also known that oxygen-treated water is also considered soft water, and soft water has more benefits to our body, the key person applied this method on fresh water and was able to experience how well it was for personal daily consumption. After further studying and modifications, it was discovered that in increasing the dissolved oxygen level in water, the oxygen could work wonders in our body cells– restoring skin suppleness and regaining skin elastin.

You may avail of Top-P at the following establishments: Mercury, 7-11, Lazada, Watsons, Southstar Drug etc.

On Fb:
On Instagram: @topicaloxygensupplement
On Twitter: @topicaloxygen 

Gmail: toposupplement@gmail.comFor more information,
CJ Aquino: 0977 813 4122
O22 Health and Beauty Inc.
1283 1B P. Sanchez St. Manila


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