Appstart Academy – putting the Philippines on the APP MAP!

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A Blessed day to all!

Appstart Academy is a new school for aspiring IOS developers. This kind of process helps Techie people learn to publish IOS Apps in 12 weeks. It will guide them thru the whole process from concept to code, all the way to debugging the app to publish before graduation time. Once training is done, there are options to join the IOS Developers team or be a freelancer.

After graduating the academy, the graduate will be called “appreneur”. They could publish their own designed app to the Apple store and make some profit.

“It is more than just a school, it is a place where barriers are broken and goals are reached. Where visionaries can finally make their ideas happened, where everything can now be applied to something actual and workable.” Apps rule today!

To date, there are 1.5 million apps on IOS, and another million on…

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