Blogging 101 by Grace Bondad Nicolas

We had an awesome session @ Blogging 101 by Grace Bondad Nicolas attended by 6 bloggers. This was held at the Rufino Tower at the Voffice 26th floor last July 15 from 1 – 5 pm. We had a sign up for this event for the past month and there were only the 6 of us bloggers who were able to attend.

  1. Marc Aaron – IT professional, Android Developer.

2. David Ricardo Ferro – also known as #RichValor of the blog 

3. Jaena Jimenez – mommy blogger and Real Estate Division Head (ProFriends Incorporated)

4. Eunis Ann Capilyos – It graphics and web designer of

5. Tracee Alar – community manager of

6. Jerzee Benaventa – mommy blogger lifestyle niche.

This session’s purpose was to educate the bloggers about what are the do’s and don’ts of bloggers and what are the guidelines to how to rise up in a career as a blogger into a blogger with a focus and to eventually be a speaker and an influencer.

We learned a lot from the session and it was broadcast on Facebook Live as well.


All in all we had a wonderful time asking questions and receiving answers from Engineer Grace Bondad Nicolas as she shared strategies, techniques and best practices about Blogging and the ethic of Blogging as well.







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