Redesigned Wii Classic Controller Pro won’t get US release


Nintendo recently announced a new redesign for its Classic Controller peripheral for the Nintendo Wii. The new Class Controller Pro sports some noteworthy ergonomic and functional improvements. For example, both the ZL and ZR shoulder buttons ahve been relocated behind the L and R top buttons — similar to the should button layout of Sony’s Dual Shock cotrollers. The Classic Controller Pro now also have hand grips that also evoke the Dual Shock. Additionally, the connection cord to the Wii-mote has been moved from the bottom to the top of the controller.

Nintendo said that it currently has no plans of releasing the Classic Controller Pro in the US but the company did not issue any explanations for its decision.

If you guys want to get the Classic Controller Pro you’ll have no choice but to import it when it comes out in Japan this summer. I think there won’t be any reason to worry about compatibility, I bought a Japanese Wii-Fit board and used it with my US Nintendo Wii with absolutely no problems.

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