Bamboo USB PC Laptop Speakers


Ah, now this I REALLY like.  I love bamboos and now I love it even more as it is now fashioned for PC use.  The Bamboo USB PC Laptop Speakers works like just any other USB speaker in the market.  But the bamboo use and design really just sells it to me right now.  Since it is made of bamboo, the speakers also have a natural resonance.  It plugs in with a 3.5-mm plug which also means it could work with your MP3 player. 

Sells for about US$27 right here.  Check out the specifications below:


  • Charging voltage: DC5V+-0.5V/500MA
  • Frequency responese: 300-10000HZ
  • Working current: 350mA
  • Output Power: 2W+2W
  • Speaker impedance: 4Ω X 2
  • Size of the each bamboo: 12 x 6.5cm
  • USB power cable length: 1.1meters approx.
  • Weight: 426g

Yeah, it’s not as powerful as you may have thought.  This is perfect as a portable desk speaker as it kinda leaps out of the usual design mold.  May work well as “book ends” for the geeks’ light manuals of sorts, don’t you think?

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