Funny Tv Show for geeks about geeks!

The Big Bang Theory is an American situation comedy created and executive produced by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, which premiered on CBS on September 24, 2007. It concerns two prodigies in their twenties, one a theoretical physicist and the other an experimental physicist, who work at Caltech and live across the hall from a blonde waitress with show-biz aspirations. Their geekiness and intellect are contrasted with her social skills and common sense. Two equally geeky friends of theirs are also main characters. It is produced by Warner Bros. Television and Chuck Lorre Productions, and recorded in front of a studio audience.[

taken from

4 geek men  and a regular pretty next door negihbor – thats just about sums up the cast for the somehow overlooked show “The Big Bang Theory”

although this show might not appeal to people who cant relate to geeks, It will make you laugh a lot at the characters, dialogue and mannerisms of this group of believable and true to like geekwads.

They live with their mom or live with a roommate and have no socia life except the Internet, comics, and videogames. They work as scientists trying to either make guided satellites on the moon or just come up with new thories and hypothesis. They are not used to talking with girls and one automatically goes on mute when a woman is in his presence.

I couldnt give more details on why the show is so funny and witty but if you just listen to their dialogue and you know someone in your life who is like them, that will keep you amused at this show.

Big Bang Theory – Geekshow for geeks or those who know geeks. for those who dont know that much about technology or science, prepare to listen to foreing languages.

Rating: 10/10 for geeks 7/10 for those who cant relate to geeks or to geekspeak


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