this website will let you listen to a particular type of music that would be like your favorite musician’s sounds like genre. Like for example you type in bach, you will get classical music. If you type in a broadway show or singer like lea salonga or judy kuhn, expect other broadway songs to pop up in the playlist. Are you a hillsong fan or worship music fan, type in hillsong music or darlene zchech, and you will get worship music.

I have a friend who actually has a listing in this website.
I just found out from her as I reacquainted myself with her thru facebook.

Little did I know that my co-Up singing ambassador trainee who became a member is now an 80’s singer and sounds like Tori Amos.
Her name is Pearlsha Abubakr and her nickname is Isha.
You should try to listen to her at

also before you listen to, make sure you register as well.

LAST.FM – radio as it should be. 10/10
Apple genius who?

Coming up: reviews about and



  1. I use I think it’s pretty neat. Aside from the radio function you mentioned, it also tracks (or scrobbles) the tracks you listen to on iTunes or Windows Media Player and generates data based on that, like music recommendations and charts showing the artists and tracks you listen to the most.

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