webware’s finest!

– what started as a small project became a phenomenon that due to the numerous members and open source apps that are integrated, Microsoft has to buy a huge chunk of this app. I use this a lot more than friendster which is the premier social networking site https://i1.wp.com/www.webnovinar.org/dragan/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/facebook2.jpgthat most filipinos use. But facebook has chat, games, world celebrities, causes, and you can even buy your friend in owned and join the vampire league with that old classmate of yours in grade school. Long lost relatives are reunited, long lost colleagues in different religious and scholastic groups get to keep in touch in this app. Hey Kristin Kreuk and even Syesha Mercado from American Idol even added me as their contact here. HOT HOT HOT webware. 10/10

The  new yahoo mail.http://ph1c0lad.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/yahoo1.jpg

With its built in messenger and texting this has to be a really useful free email system. WHAT an upgrade. Kudos to yahoo for going into the right direction. No need for meebo here just to yahoo. Yehay!!! 9/10


Integrated gmail and yahoo. Integrated facebook status updates and media browser enhances facebook’s usefullness and you can all do it inside the browser. Do you twitter or use flickr? thats also included. Also picasa uploading is easier done as well in this social networking browser. I love Flock and no they are not yet paying me to advertise them. I know google chrome and firefox are good and we still need IE8 for standard office stuff, but with flock browser, you get to everything all at once. Hey they even have a video tutorial after you install it. You can download it from www.filehippo.com or www.flock.com

Youtube.com – this is also part of flock browser and it can play on most mobile phones thru m.youtube.com. You can stream it from virtually any web-connected device like the apple itv. The pioneer and top website for video sharing which actually catapulted people from around the world into stardom like charice pempengco from the Philippines who was discovered by Oprah and Ellen degeneres, and some videos were so controversial as well that they were banned or were petitioned to be taken out. Still I love this website as well and this type of site or maybe this site can actually replace all cable television if technology advance quicker.




Social networking for those with “Attention deficit disorder”.  Its like sms on steroids. You can use it to update facebook  status on the go as well.  Its a breakthru concept as well. and I am begining to enjoy increasing my karma at plurk and I know twitter is also at the forefront of this social networking genre.


Stumbleupon.comhttps://i2.wp.com/emitgraphics.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/stumbleupon-screenshot.png this website will help you find useful websites which people have bookmarked. This is perfect for people who browse the same old same old sites and want to know more what’s out there in the vast cyberspace.




the best photo organizer and simple photo editor from the geniuses at google. I cant have any pc without this application. It’s free and will search your hard drives and removable drives for all photos and even videos that are in all your directories.  1 super useful editing tool I love about picase is the fill light option. Just move the slider to the right and you’ll see people and things that were previously not visible in your dark photos. Amazing !!


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