Nintendo’s rise and Sony’s fall

I remember that having a super nintendo or super famicom during the early 90’s was the best thing to happen to any console fan besides acquiring a dreamcast which sadly lasted for a few years only… Then the Sony playstation 1 with all their great games like monster rancher, final fantasy series, dance dance revolution, nba live, and countless hit games brought sony into dominance in the console market.

Sony’s tried and tested strategy of spending a lot on hardware and even selling their consoles below cost and relying on games and accesories to make their moolah has been effective because of all the great support they had from all the game manufacturers and the gameplay was good. During snes’s dominance wherein nintendo was king, it was the games too that made them number one.

So far nintendo has never lost yet in the mobile game industry. The gameboy grew up to be the gameboy advance, then evolved into the DS, became thinner thru the DS lite and then had more sensitivity by acquiring dual touch screens with camera in the DSi. During all stages , Nintendo still remains as the pocket gaming device of this century based on sales and  number of gamecarts sold. The Ds even outsold all the consoles combined and even outsold the Ipod nano immediately after the Ds gained momentum during its Nintendogs era.

The console wars is a different story:

Before it was nintendo, and the rest.  Then it became Sony ps1 as the number one console up till it evolved into the Sony ps2 with the sega dreamcast  a close second and nintendo 64 a far third. Now Nintendo is back with the Wii due to its affordable price mass appeal to all walks of life and all ages, what with its motion sensitive controllers and the wii fit. The Sony ps3 did have hardware power and has a built in blu-ray player which actually is the winner of the bluray vs hddvd format(which is a good thing for sony) But since Sony cant lower its price near the pricepoint of the Wii and the demand for the Wii is still growing, the only hope the Sony Ps3 has besides highlighting their console as a multimedia machine, is to create innovative games, lower they console price to 299 dollars and join the motion sensitive controller bandwagon.

I own a psp 3006 and a Nintendo Ds. And having played games on the ds and on the psp, I understand why the DS is still the king as well. The touch screen on the ds is used innovatively from petting dogs in Nintendog to throwing bubbles in Bust a move DS, from making pancakes in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, to writing answers to math problems in Brain Age. The Sony psp is a great multimedia machine-videos tough they must be in Mp4 format, Mp3s, photos with camera as an add on and wifi connection are all pluses, but in the gaming and innovation category,  this is where Sony is losing out. The PSP is like a PS1.5 that is mobile. That’s it.

Just my 2 cents worth as well. Good Day to you all!


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